Have started reading the course material. It feels very much like going back to basics, and in some cases doing basic things that I have skimmed over in the past, or to be honest, never did at all!

I have begun to examine some of the ‘habits’ I picked up over the years. For example, I have never really ‘planned’ my photographs, just followed my instinct, sometimes it paid off, got lucky, sometimes I had serendipitous discoveries, but in general my true progress was slow.

Slowing down, reflecting and planning my shots is introducing a discipline that I hope will pay dividends. Back in the day, when there were only analog cameras-well, you can only respect the level of craftsmanship. I’m looking forward to taking complete control of my camera, while at the same time applying new techniques and concepts that hopefully, with practice, will come second nature the moment I click the shutter.

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