Assignment 1: Understanding Genres

Create a Padlet that presents a critical and reflective summary of the conventions, expectations and meanings of a genre of your choosing.

For this assignment you will use Padlet to present a summary of your understanding of the key concepts (conventions, expectations) of a chosen genre from the materials you have engaged with. The readings, research and activities will have enabled you to think about genre in a variety of ways and you can reflect on this in your assignment.

Within Padlet you can use image, video, text and sound as ways to summarise and critically reflect on what you have discovered so far. It will be useful to go back over your learning log and think about the ideas that have sparked your interest.

Give yourself room to explore and think through your ideas about the genre so far. However, it is important to then reflect on your writing and summarise concisely the key findings. This is a critical reflective summary which you can then present to tutors and assessors.

This assignment will be built upon throughout the rest of the course, so although you may choose one genre for focus now, by the end of the course you will have explored and created work across Landscape, Documentary, Portraiture and Still Life.

Suggested 750 words/annotation, or 6 minute presentation.

Ensure you correctly credit and reference any images/quotes used throughout the course.

You may find it useful to compare and explore areas of similarity or difference across Landscape, Documentary, Portraiture, and Still Life. Consider theoretical features, characteristics, histories, and techniques. How has this project enabled you to think differently or expand your understanding of particular elements of the genre you have studied?