Reading Task: The Key Concepts

Reading Task: The Key Concepts

This book will provide you with further reading throughout this course and you can freely dip into it. There will also be points in the course where you will be directed to particular chapters.

On occasion, when people hear that I’m a keen photographer, they often ask me what type of photographs I take. This question both confuses and frustrates me. I take images of lots of things. Sometimes, I work in series, sometimes taking singular images of whatever catches my eye—decisive moments, documentary-oriented imagery, portraits, or abstract ideas communicated via photography. But to keep things simple I find myself using the concept of genre to communicate the type of images I take. And this serves its purpose as :

    • genres bring with them certain expectations of what he photo is about
    • They help categorize or locate images based on common themes or subject matter, techniques, providing a framework or mental model for understanding. e.g portait=identity, landscape=a countryside vsita etc.
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